10 common Front Crawl errors

How you can stop them, get faster and improve your freestyle strength

Web course front crawl swimming

Web course front crawl technique
The Freestyle Optimizer goes far beyond the three most common freestyle errors shown. It helps you improve your freestyle swimming step by step. You will end up needing less effort while swimming noticeably faster – and it will cost you less than a personal coach would charge you for just one hour!

This is what you get in the ten part Online swim course “The Freestyle Optimizer”

  • Detailed analysis and exercises to correct the three most common errors
  • 10 power-inhibiting mistakes that almost everyone makes
  • Clear explanations and videos – right and wrong and spoken by a native speaker
  • Over 30 (!) exercises to correct these 10 errors
  • One practice plan per course chapter to swim by
  • As a season’s special: valuable bonus material on top

I put all my experience of over 20 years of working as a swim coach into this web course! So I would be very happy if you join the course as several hundred swimmers did before! I promise you to get faster and become better soon!

This is what you get

10 technique videos10 technique videos front-crawl
10 matching practice planspractice plans freestyle crawl
Complete bonus materialBonus material Freestyle Optimizer

Summary of the 10 course parts

1. Catching waterCatch water by swimming crawlWhy air bubbles slow you down and how to stop your arms from “whipping”
2. Missing pressurePressure phase at swimming crawlThe critical, but often neglected 15 centimeters
3. Hand submerge pointThe right point to submerge your arm for crawl swimmingTwo typical spots where you should not submerge

4. Leg workleg work - front crawl kickThe legs are not only stabilizers, they produce speed
5. Foot positioningFoot position on the front crawl leg beatEven with good leg work, your foot position can slow you down
6. Over water phaseHigh elbow during the over water phaseWhy should the elbow be up and how energy gets lost

7. Stroke Frequencyhe Arm frequency during the crawl strokeMore strength though easeing in your stroke
8. Body tensionbody tension front crawl freestyleBody tension during the complete Crawl position
9. Shoulder rotationShoulder rotation during the crawl strokeWhy your body should have tension, but not in your shoulders

10. Breathing & head positionBreathing and head position during the crawl strokeHow not to hold your head and the timing for your breathing
Complete swim strokeFull length Freestyle swim videoFull Crawl stroke with descriptions of every single movement


Some experiences of over 1.500 participants of the Freestyle Optimizer

“Leg work is more then just stabilizing your body and how much you can do wrong especially while breathing and during the underwater phase is astounding. Thanks for the remedies.”
Tom, 35, hobby swimmer
“Up until now I thought I was a good swimmer. But the devil is nevertheless in the detail as I learned. The Freestyle Optimizer gave me a complete new understanding on how to build up great underwater pressure. I’m miles from where I use to be!”
Heiko, 41, Triathlete
“I’ll say one thing: my old time over 1500 meters was 28:56 min. My new time is 26:45 minutes. Thanks Freestyle Optimizer!”
Ralf, 42, Sailer & occasional triathlete
“Thanks for this great course. I have been waiting for something like that for a very long time now. My personal advice: Watch each video right before you leave to the pool and swim all the helpful exercises. Top!”
Britta, 32, Leisure sportswoman
“I didn’t realize it. I was actually doing 7 of the 10 show errors! Now it all seems so easy…”
Robert, 28, everybody event participant
“Great course which pushed me a good deal. I found the underwater scenes especially helpful. The course is very well structured as well. Just recommended it to another colleague yesterday. Thanks a lot!”
Johannes, 47, Leisure triathlete
“I just swam the intro version of the training plan yesterday and feel very motivated to stick with it. I feel a bit sore today but I am really pleased with the online course. Good job!”
Thomas, 33, Leisure sportsman
“Your Freestyle Optimizer is great fun and quick. Every swimmer, old or young is challenged mentally and physically. Big motivational boost for any athlete. And the triathletes are glad they don`t yet have to swim a boring training.”
Heiner, 64, Swim Coach
“Unbelievable: 05:47 on 400m! In November I was still at 06:04 on 400m using my old swimming style – a whopping 17 seconds difference. Your program is stellar and your advice including the speed training helped a great deal.”
Alexander, 35, triathlete
“Bottom line: really great video. I gained 15-30 seconds on 1000m despite an artificial hip and my advanced age.”
Friedhelm, 68, 2km distance swimmer

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Secure your access to the ten part online course “Freestyle Optimizer” now. There is no risk with my “90 seconds in 90 days faster guarantee”. You won´t take any risks, but you will instead get the chance to swim Front Crawl much faster immediately.

Web course front crawl technique

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