3 Crawl technique-tips to transfer your strength to swim speed

How you can easily swim faster Front Crawl with less effort

Web course front crawl swimming

Sign up for the free workout in order to help you swim better without the style errors and the tips shown in the video. You will get a roundup and exercises which you can easily use at the pool.

After that you will find out what to expect in the detailed course: “Ten common freestyle errors and how to stop them”. You will find out why this course will help you swim an even better freestyle, step by step.

Web course freestyle technique
All commentary in the course videos are spoken by a native speaker and by myself.

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  1. Devon Linton
    2 months ago

    I am a Newby to swimming but very passionate about learning to swim. I have lower back problems and have been advised that swimming will help. Your videos are the easiest to understand and put into practice immediately.

  2. Ali B.
    2 months ago

    Thank you for such clear instructions. I haven’t seen the practice plan yet, but it’s a great idea to send us with some hands-on tips to take to the pool.

    Thank you.

  3. Todd
    3 months ago

    Really helpful video. I went to the pool for the first time in many years 3 weeks ago as I am practicing for my divemaster certification. I had no idea that my swimming technique was so bad until I was in that pool. I kicked and kicked and went nowhere, or I kicked and kicked and went backward. Watching this and other videos I learned it was my foot position that was the problem. Now I need to get my arms in the right place, and my breathing down.

    I plan to go to the pool twice a week at least to work on my technique.

    Kindest regards,


  4. Ali
    3 months ago

    Great tips

  5. Jan
    7 months ago

    Thank you! Clear explanation and demonstration of common mistakes

    8 months ago

    Very good !! 🙂

  7. Noshir Bulsara
    9 months ago

    Pretty clearly explained thank you.

  8. Liam Higgins
    10 months ago

    Excellent, simple starters tips to improve technique and consequently efficiency. Thanks.

  9. Mike Shellard
    10 months ago

    Good very goodvenjoyedvit and will try his tips cheers.

  10. Patchara ketkangplu
    11 months ago

    I always swim with kicking mistake position like in video and also the way to move my arms is not correct with uncompleted circle , moving like chicken wings.

  11. harry blain
    12 months ago

    I’ve Just started swimming lessons after a major stroke and this video has illustrated exactly where I can get better at what I’m trying to do. Thanks very much – Harry

  12. Kulanthaivelu
    1 year ago

    Very helpful info. Thanks a lot.

  13. Silvestre
    1 year ago

    I make these mistakes and more. I really liked this video. The explanation is clear and concise. The videos are very well produced and again, easy to understand and visualize in one’s head. Thank you so much.

  14. Tahmina
    1 year ago

    Thank you

  15. Sal
    1 year ago

    Very helpful. Can’t wait to go back into the pool. Thank you.

  16. kimberly chigwedere
    2 years ago

    very useful videos

    thank you

  17. Graeme
    2 years ago

    Very interesting, I’ve definitely be kicking wrong and I think crossing g my arms. Keen to get back in the pool to try these tops out

  18. Herb
    2 years ago

    very informative especially the arms and the feet. Thank you.

  19. imad
    2 years ago

    its really excellent but i prefer to watch at the end the whole swimming correctly .


  20. Dr M. Naveen Kumar
    2 years ago

    very good video even for those who think are good at swimming

  21. Simon
    2 years ago

    Excellent video and tips. Thanks.

  22. Diane
    2 years ago

    Fantastic information – thank you.

  23. Luke
    2 years ago

    Excellent video! explains very Cleary how to correct mistakes and as a beginner I was making all 3.

  24. Som Govender
    2 years ago

    I.,attended the pool for about a month. so far i am able to glide and stroke holding my breath mostly underwater however when i lift my head to take a breath my whole movement breaksdown help required. thanks

  25. Narendra
    2 years ago

    I have a different problem. When I start swimming, i use to kick 1st, which is ok, but then when I stroke kicking stops and when i kick stroke stops. I can’t do both simultaneously. Pl guide me

    • Jens of Freestyle Optimizer
      2 years ago

      Hi Narendra, you are just not used to the constant kick movement. Try to exercise the kick as often as you can. Only if you feel good start doing the stroke. Your goal is to to the kick without thinking what you are doing. This will take a while, but it´s worth it!

    2 years ago

    Hi, I would like to learn to swim with technique and style, and gain resistance to be able to do the iron man thanks

  27. Rick
    2 years ago

    I started swimming more seriously last winter and these tips really helped focus my efforts to become more efficient in the water.

  28. Joay
    2 years ago

    Spectacular! Excellent illustration and explanation. 5 stars

  29. LaMar Kemp Jr.
    2 years ago

    Very helpful — Thank you very much!!!!

  30. Alan
    2 years ago

    Excellent video which I have played repeatedly many times to make sure I really understand everything and memorise your tutorial for when I practice in the pool. I have been a breastroke swimmer for 41yrs nd I am now 66yrs of a ge. I am enjoying learning the front crawl and have bought a kickboard to concentrate on my leg movement and build up the strength. I am just about getting the hang of bilateral breathing and turning my head with one goggle below the water line. I have found that breathing out through the nose and mouth with head facing down has been a huge help to me as it has helped me to relax better. ( i was previously exhaling only through my mouth and running out of breath very quickly. I am now beginning tofeel the catch of the water much better since watching your video and keeping my arms rotating in line with my shoulder line is helping as well. I feel as though I am beginning to make real progress and cannot thank you enough

  31. Andres
    3 years ago

    Hello from Argentina.
    I’ve seen your video at you tube and you explain very easy to understand, thanks for that.
    Nowadays, on my 37’s, it’s been two years I practice this magic sport (I used to be a rugby player) and I’m starting to enjoy it, before I suffered it, no technique at all but I think I’m stuck and that’s way I got here.

  32. Phil
    3 years ago

    very simple but mostly overlooked techniques. great to see it under water to fully get it, thanks.

  33. Roger
    3 years ago

    You make it so clear

  34. Bandula
    3 years ago

    That’s great! I can not swim but still it will be of some help. Thank you

  35. emma tackie
    3 years ago

    what a clear way of explaining the different aspects of swimming the crawl
    thank you very much.

  36. Dimitrios
    3 years ago

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am interested to buy the swimming course however prior doing so, i would like to have some sort of a demo. Is there any demo of the full course? For example, provide videos, pdfs, exercises, schedules, drills or any other material provided in the paid version for just a single topic (footwork).


  37. John E
    3 years ago

    Many thanks. That was simply put and very informative.

  38. BRAHIM
    3 years ago


  39. mhj
    3 years ago

    It s not bad
    than q

  40. Steve Lai
    3 years ago

    i like to swim and i also swim for 10 years. i had swum in open water. recently, i will go to triathlon game. so id want to improve my swim skill better. i want to become a swimming expert. finally, i am interesting in your video. would you share with me? thank you so much.

  41. Elton Hurtis
    3 years ago

    Thanks for this video, it was very informative. I will try some of these techniques and hopefully will benefit from them.

  42. suyash m kulkarni
    3 years ago

    I like your information given in this vedios.sir i am from india and like to swim.sir from so many i am watch vedios but iam not getting which i saw yoday i will practice your tips but my exam are going on.once again thanks

  43. Ad
    3 years ago

    Thanks for the instructive video!

  44. Islam
    3 years ago

    Thank you for this video. I am starting to swim regularly and find this video very helpful as it gives practical tips that only a coach with lots of experience can transfer to a student. I especially like the part about kicking the ball to show how to whip the legs properly. I will take these tips to the pool and hope to improve my swimming techniques. Thanks again!

  45. Billy
    3 years ago

    Very good communication of method

  46. sathiesh
    3 years ago

    very useful tips given about improving freestyle and correcting mistakes on it.

  47. roman
    3 years ago

    My mistake:
    I am unable to kick faster than I move my arms. Legs tend to follow the same speed as arms.
    I end up kicking little and move very slow.

    Can you help?

  48. kolomih
    4 years ago

    Great instructions – I hope – for me and my better swimming ! THX 😉

  49. Vittal
    4 years ago

    This tutorial brought an awareness of the mistakes I was making. I am happy to note these very useful instructions. I like the sincerity of the tutor

  50. Chris
    4 years ago

    First error I was not aware of but I luckily don’t “slap” the water as I swim.
    Second error I knew but I have that one under control.
    Nice explanation on the leg work (error nr. 3). There is some serious work for me to since my ankles are not very flexible.

    Just one remark : the swimmer in the video is always looking forward. He should be more looking downards to the pool since this reduces drag and makes it more easy to have a high position in the water.

  51. Beatriz
    4 years ago

    Dear Jens
    The video is of a greit help for non profesional swimmers. I`ve had for years problems with my kicks becouse it is not efficient. I hope the tips you posted will help me to improve my stile.
    Thank you!

  52. Lawand Brz
    4 years ago

    Thanks for the 3 points, as a beginner I’ll try to go through it… thanks a gain

  53. peter
    4 years ago

    Im a total beginner and i thought this video was brilliant , i down loaded it cos i want to look at it a few more times

  54. zai
    4 years ago

    Thank you for the tips.The best tips I have watched so far. Will definitely work on the problem using the techniques suggested.

  55. Phil
    4 years ago

    Really useful, i think my problem at the start was with my foot position, due to an injury years ago my right foot suffers from cramp in the toes, but it is getting better with practice.
    Will work on the techniques shown in the video.


  56. Very interesting details you have remarked, thank you for posting.

  57. Careem
    4 years ago

    Very useful tips,thank you

  58. Luiz Antônio
    4 years ago

    Excelent vídeo my friend.I am very glad with this swimm training.
    Thanks a lot

  59. Jason
    4 years ago

    excellent video…what I am trying to figure out is what is the optimum pace for distance purposes. If I am swimming a half mile for example and I want a consistent pace how long should I glide forward before bringing down the crawl motion, so that I maximize distance and conserve my energy.

    thanks again

  60. Grey
    4 years ago

    Thanx for sharing. I like swimming. As for me it’s good exercise for my body. I even buy a nice swimsuit on http://www.proswimwear.co.uk/ so now I want to become a professional swimmer=)

  61. Luiz Antônio
    4 years ago

    OK Friend

    I´m a brasilian citizen and a i´m a swimmer. I have been praticized swim for a long time, and this vídeo add much more to me. Great video and camera angles. I really like the slow motion to observe how i am swimming.!! I agree with the comment below about head position on the streamline. Certainly iám going to learned with this vídeo very much.I would like to buy this vídeo. Where can i get there. I have requested the free workout and look forward to watching more videos. Thanks you!
    Luiz Antôno

    4 months ago

    The position of the head at the start and in de trayectory of the swimm

    • Jens of Freestyle Optimizer
      4 years ago

      Dear Antonio,
      you are right that the head position is wrong, too. But in this video I concentrate on 3 errors only. All 10 important front crawl technique topics are part of the web course where I extensively show and explain almost all main errors you can make. You find an overview and the access to the course here: http://www.freestyle-optimizer.com/10-common-front-crawl-errors-freestyle

  62. Kumtorn
    4 years ago

    Great tutorial!

  63. Peter Kroening
    4 years ago

    It’s so clearly explained and shown on the video. Totally put attention when im training

  64. james koenig
    4 years ago

    Glad to have seen your 3-common mistakes video and glad a course is available to improve it. Otherwise, I’ve tried different corrections to improve my freestyle that are wrong.

  65. mirkos86
    4 years ago

    Very useful for me, especially the exercises with the pads and for the kick !

  66. Jemil
    4 years ago

    Very interesting.thanks

  67. solihin
    4 years ago

    “Danke” this helps a lot

  68. Elizabeth
    4 years ago

    Exciting to finally understand how I I can develop a better stroke; thank you!

  69. Barry Cleary
    4 years ago

    Very good tips. Thanks alot.

  70. Lucian
    4 years ago

    Excellent Video…Thanks for the tips…

  71. Doris Allen
    4 years ago

    Hallo Jens

    Where about do you teach in Hamburg. Are you able to do 1:1 swimming lessons for the second week in April?
    Best wishes

    • Jens of Freestyle Optimizer
      4 years ago

      Dear Doris,
      thanks for your request. Unfortunately I don´t do 1:1 coachings right now. But I am sure that my web course helps you a lot, too!
      Best wishes

  72. Donna
    4 years ago

    Great video and camera angles. I really like the slow motion work and the footage of the first mistake, which so many of my young swimmers do. The description of “bubbles” vs. “no bubbles” is perfect. I am going to try it with some of them today!!!

    I agree with the comment below about head position on the streamline. The chin should be down with the eye focus on the bottom of the pool. Watch videos of any Olympic swimmer and you will not see the head or eye focus that high. I agree that the head can lift a bit for the breakout, but then it should come back down again for the swim. That said, I coach at an international school and find that many of my students from Germany and France have been taught to swim with a high head. I find this odd because it is not as efficient or streamlined. Any comments on this???

    I have requested the free workout and look forward to watching more videos. Thanks you!

  73. Aura
    4 years ago

    The position of the head at the start and in de trayectory of the swimm

  74. Susi Marks
    4 years ago

    Sounds and looks good – looking forward for the 10 videos in the web course! I make 2 of the 3 mistakes myself, so maybe there are more I can discover and fix… Thank you so much!

  75. Barney
    4 years ago

    I am a frother and just dont know what my legs are doing. This video is going to help me a lot I am sure.

  76. Akshay Kamath
    4 years ago

    Excellent Video…Thanks for the tips…

  77. Michael
    4 years ago

    Well explained, thank you, Jens! I´m looking forward for more in the course… Especially the under water movies are great and very helpful!

  78. Andy Meyer
    5 years ago

    Helpful and informative, thanks!

  79. Ruth
    5 years ago

    Just great! Thanks for all 3 errors and the nice tips you give…

  80. Sandra
    5 years ago

    I like the scenes under water! Thank you for the very helpful advises!!

  81. Tom
    5 years ago

    Great video and great idea! Very helpful! THANX