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I’m willing to give my affiliate partner 20 (!) percent of every sold course on a trusted and transparent basis. As a Website operator you advertise my course by simply placing a Link (i.e. on your homepage. The price for the course will range between 50 and 85 dollars depending on the season. So at least 10 dollars of every directly or indirectly sold course may be made by the partner.

In addition you give your users valuable content on their way as a service (you will find opinions on the videos and courses on my website. An impression of user acceptance may be found by taking a look at the YouTube video. Notice the number of clicks and likes for the YouTube video!

If you would like to participate in the affiliate program you must register, free of charge, so that your sales will be connected to you and added to your account. It all works fully automatically and free of charge for you via Digistore24:,41067,11877

After that you can choose if you refer to all of the pages or one of the following pages. Whatever you think is the most constructive for your users:


(Is leading to the first video)

Free Video including workout:

(Is leading directly to the free video and workout)

Infosite Online course:

(Is leading to the basic information about the course)

Every time you write something about the course, make a menu link, create a banner or whatever way you would like to refer to the course (newsletter, Facebook post on your timeline and in groups, discussions in forums etc) all you have to do is to code the link. Then you will receive the provision for every successful course sale, and that even if your user decides to buy the course weeks later.


Sample access to the course:
So that you can get a better impression of the course, use this login data to take a look. You will have access to three parts of the course, but not all videos, practice and training plans and the bonus material.

U: sampleswimmer
P: freestyle (please don´t change)


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