Become a Partner and earn money

I like to work with partners on many levels and am always open for new partnerships. The following explains the most important form for a partnership with a small introduction on how it works.

Affiliate-Partner: recommend my course to others and earn automatically!
If you are convinced by my courses, like hundreds of others, and you don’t only want to recommend them to others, but also want to earn money at the same time, then you can simply join my Affinate program. It’s free and it’s easy:

  1. Register once at the service provider Digistore24 within three minutes. They coordinate the process automatically.
  2. Get individual links with assignment codes for e.g. blogs, banners or newsletters.
  3. When recommended just enter the link and automatically earn provision for new course applications

Here is more information for the Affiliate program

I am looking forward to help you!

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