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My goals are to swim a faster Front Crawl with less effort.

  • I will obtain access to the online course IMMEDIATLY after my payment is received. I can view all course chapters and will be able to keep logging on, to be able to eliminate all errors, one after the other.
  • I will UNDERSTAND (native speaker in video explanations!) how many technique errors waste my power. I will find out how to access that hidden power and transform it into speed.
  • There is no risk for me. I’ve got a 90-day cash back GUARANTEE. If this course does not help me get better or I don’t swim 1500 meters 90 seconds faster after 90 days of practice, I will get an immediate refund. A simple email is enough. The requirements are: make sure you follow up on the ten course parts and swim the complete practice plans and send the mail within 90 days after purchase.
  • My access to this online course has NO TIME LIMIT. I can access and use the contents from any computer with access to the internet as often as I like. All videos are kept in a member area. Viewing access is allowed by entering your password.
  • For the fee made, I will receive access to ALL video course parts, ALL practice plans and on top extremely valuable bonus lessons if I order TODAY. All together 10 videos with a corresponding practice plan and more than 30 experience tested exercises!


The contents of the courses

10 guiding videos10 front crawl technique tips
10 fitting practice plansPractice plans front crawl
Lot of bonus materialBonus material crawl course

“Swim like the most successful swimmers on my course and team, eliminate the biggest errors made and learn exercises to kill the power wasters the easy way. I promise you you’ll swim faster!”
My name is Stephen and I am a swimming coach and the English voice of the Freestyle Optimizer. I work as a full-time coach and am Head Coach of Kolbotn Il in Norway. I have coached to Junior European Championship level as well as German National Level's as well as helping many masters swimmers and triathletes to there stated goals. I have trained a masters double world champion. I am missing the Olympics so far but am working on this. I have a non-ego approach to swimming by which I mean it is not about me (I swam too at national level but about the swimmers who I coach and improving them).

90 seconds faster in 90 days

Due to the many years of experience as a coach and the many achievements through this course I’ll give you a money back guarantee. There is no risk for you. My promise is, if you don’t swim the 1500 meters 90 seconds faster after participating on this course for 90 days, you’ll get your cash back. A simple email is all you will need.

SEASON-SPECIAL: Instead of the normal 98,- Dollars now 65,- Dollars
for a short time 47,- Dollars or 47,- Euros only


Frequently asked questions


Is the course suitable for triathletes only or for beginners and intermediate swimmers as well?

Roughly 45 % of my participants are triathletes, further 20 % say they were beginners and the other 35 % are leisure swimmers and also coaches who provide my content to their swimmers. For joining the course it is just important, that you can swim front crawl even a little bit. If you are able to swim close to 100 meters, you will have the basis already. The web course will give you the tools and knowledge to get rid of all the power stealer. So you will soon get both better and faster by wasting less energy at the same time.

What are the practice plans about?

Every course part has got a video as the main content including special technique tips for every topic. You may find more than just one mistake for one topic that I show you in several scenes over and underneath the water surface. I plainly explain alle the background you need to know and provide you with 3-5 exercises in order to get rid of those mistakes and to swim correctly. For every video I created a practice plan in different output stages, which helps you to remember the drills and to swim them correctly.

How safe is the paying method and in which currency can I pay?

You will be billed by payment provider DigiStore24. You can choose whether to pay by credit card or by PayPal. You can also choose to pay in Euros or Dollars, but anyway you will be charged in the currency of your origin country.

How do I get my access data for the course?

You will get two mails after successful payment. One will confirm your billing information, the other one provides your access data that you usually receive within 2 minutes. In case you choose PayPal the access data may be sent to your e-mail address of your PayPal account. In case you forget your password, go to the menu “login course” and find the link “Lost your password?. There you can order a new one.”

What happens if I don´t like the course or I don´t get any better?

It is very important for me that the course really helps all my participants! So if you don´t become faster within my 90 days guarantee or you just don´t like the course and I can´t help you with it, than simply write an email to me and I will refund the money at once. Does that sound fair to you? 😉

This is how you receive your safe and easy immediate access to the Freestyle Optimizer for just 47 Dollars or 47 Euros (incl. VAT – you will be charged in your country currency) – this is a short time special price!!

Step 1: Pick your payment currency and method (you will be charged in your country currency)
Step 2: Enter your personal data. We have a SSL secured page with DigiStore24
Step 3: Follow the instructions to get immediate access!